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Welcoming a new bundle of joy into your home is an exciting and exhausting time.  These moments pass by so quickly.  I love to help families capture these memories.  Here is a little help so you know what to expect from a Newborn Photography Session with Amber Roy Photography.

Newborn Photography by Amber Roy Photography is  done in the home of the client.  I am located in State College, PA and generally serve the local area although I can discuss travel, especially to the Lancaster, PA area.



Preparing for your session:

–       Newborns should be photographed within the first 14 days of their life.  This is the time in their life when they sleep better, have yet to develop colic and are not yet dealing with baby acne, peeling skin or cradle cap.  Due to the tight timeframe I ask that you “schedule” a session with me based on your due date at least two months in advance.  Newborns come in their own time and I will be patient along with you.   Scheduling tentatively in advance ensures a spot for you, as sessions are limited.

–       When we schedule your session, we will have a conversation about your expectations.  Do you want only pictures of the baby?  Would you like lifestyle photographs of your entire family or a family portrait?  Do you have any special requests?  Will you include siblings in the session?  Will Dad be present?  All of these questions will help me to build a session that is a perfect fit for you.

–       Anyone that plans on getting in the photograph with the newborn should dress comfortably.  You can visit my pinterest page to get more ideas on what to wear.  Also keep in mind that the room will be very warm to help keep your newborn asleep.

–       Some of my favorite photographs are lifestyle.  These photos capture not only the people in your life, but also your home and your relationships.  If you would like lifestyle photographs within your home (ex: family room, bedroom, nursery) please take a few minutes to de-clutter these areas.  I understand that a newborn brings stuff.  I DO NOT expect your home to be clean and tidy when I arrive.  Feel free to pile your luggage from the hospital into the hallway.  Just remove it from the living room floor or any other area where you would like photographs.  If this is overwhelming, we can work on this task together when I arrive.  We can also make the decision to photograph your family with a simple backdrop.

–       Please understand that the room where I photograph your newborn will need to be VERY warm.  This helps them to sleep.  I will bring a space heater but turning up your heat is necessary, especially in the room where you believe we have the most light.


During your Session:

–       Newborn Photography takes several hours, at minimum, and up to 3 1/2 hours at times.  Be prepared to be patient.  I have lots of patience with these precious babies and waiting is expected.  It’s best to feed your baby right when I arrive so they have a full belly.  You will be given as many opportunities to nurse or bottle feed your baby as you would like while I am in your home.

–       I will be photographing your newborn in your home.  I will work hard to find the best light possible.  I will likely set up next to the largest window you have, or the room with the most natural sunlight.  Know that I may need to move some furniture in your home.  I will put everything back into its place before I leave.  These adjustments will help me capture the best photographs of your family and newborn.  There is no need to make these adjustments before I arrive.

–       I will bring a backdrop, backdrop stand and fabric.  I will need an open space to set up these items next to a window.  This space should be warm and quiet in order to help your newborn fall into a deep sleep.

–       Your newborn will be photographed in wraps or in their birthday suit based on your preference.

–       Do not expect to be busy the entire time I am in your home.  I am happy to let you rest and bring your newborn to you if they need to eat.  The presence of Mom can, at times, prevent a newborn from falling into a deep sleep.  I therefore will want some time to work with your newborn alone.  This provides you some time to relax.  If you want to be present for all the photographs, please let me know ahead of time.  Otherwise, I will ask for some diapers and wipes and get to work while you put up your feet!

–       The flow of your session will depend on the types of photographs you desire.  Usually I will begin by photographing your newborn individually on a beanbag.  The session will flow based on the needs and desires of you, your family and your newborn.  If at any time you have questions or concerns, please let me know.


After Your Session:

–       Once I put everything in your home back into its proper place, I will take my memory card home and upload all the lovely images onto my computer.  I will then pick the best pictures of your family.  Typically, there will be around 25-30 images.

–       At this point I will go through each one of these images to correct blemishes and make enhancements that make your families photos shine.

–       Within a few days, I typically post a few preview images from your session onto Facebook.  These images will have my watermark on it.  You are welcome to tag yourself in these photos and use them as your profile or cover images.  However, you are asked to not save the image as your own or crop my watermark from the image.

–       Within 2-3 weeks, I will have a password protected image gallery available for you to view all the images from your session.  You are welcome to share the password with others so that they can view the gallery as well.  Anyone with access to the gallery can purchase prints or digital image files from this interface.

–       Your digital images will be ready for delivery within a few weeks.  There are several options for delivery: electronic, a CD via US Mail or pick up by client.  You just need to let me know what works best for you.



–       If you purchase digital images, you will receive high resolution files.  You therefore have the ability to print your images as large as you would like through any printer.  Please note that you must keep the photo’s aspect ratio in mind when making print choices.  I will provide you with an explanation of how different prints will affect your photographs.  If you would like the best possible prints, I recommend ordering prints through Amber Roy Photography.  When ordering prints directly from Amber Roy photography, I can customize prints and guarantee their color accuracy.   When individually editing each photo, I take time to ensure proper contrast and color accuracy.  This time can be lost in printing.  This is most noticeable when printing images in sizes 8×10 and larger.

I strive to make your Newborn Photography session with Amber Roy Photography excellent.  As a photographer in State College, PA, I love to serve my community in this way.  I hope to help families in the Centre Region capture priceless moments.  Please let me know if you have any questions about Newborn Photography sessions!  For pricing information and a current portfolio please visit my website.


Amber Roy Photography is a maternity, newborn and family photographer located in State College Pennsylvania serving the Penn State community and surrounding Central PA areas.  Email her at to schedule your session today!

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