Storytelling Newborn Photography

In January of this year, I took a wonderful workshop focusing on storytelling photography. It was an excellent experience and one that will impact my personal photography, as well as my client work.

I consider myself a newborn lifestyle photographer. I come to a client’s home for a newborn session focused on capturing unscripted moments and connections between family members. While I do pose families, my style is not what results from typical studio work. Up to this point, my work has been a balance between natural and posed shots.

As time continues, I would like to make a shift in my work by offering storytelling sessions to clients that want to get real. My heart skips a beat when I can capture the beauty of life as it is. No posing involved. The story behind each family is constantly changing, especially when you have small children. The ability to look back one day and truly remember the reality of your life in this moment is an invaluable gift.

Storytelling sessions capture your family as is, balancing the details and the full picture. What do you want to remember about this stage of your family? A favorite toy? A new skill? A cute habit? Everyday moments happen as a parent that make your heart stop. Imagine capturing those moments in a photograph, being able to look back through the photos and step back in time. I want to see and hear your story so I can capture it through my lens.

Dear friends of mine, and my very first clients, were kind enough to allow me to do my first storytelling session for their newborn, Baby David. Not only did I capture photographs, but also video which will be an important piece to my storytelling sessions. Below is the resulting slideshow from my time with them.

Are you interested in getting real with a storytelling session? Please contact me for more information.


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