Family Documentary Videos: Storytelling Life in Motion

Over the past 4 years my style as a photographer has changed.  My drive to learn photography peaked with the birth of our first daughter.  As our family has grown I have found that the photos that I love most from those early years (just 5 short years ago) are ones that are unscripted, the images that show true life.  These are the memories that I will cherish most when my babies have grown.  I can’t deny that the photographs with perfect smiles and awesome light speak to my heart.  Yet, my Momma heart sings at the real moments remembered.  I’ve heard the same statement from endless family members and powerfully also many strangers: “One day you will miss this”.  These words have been spoken to me in the grocery store by cashiers and elderly couples and so very often by grizzled men witnessing the chaos of our house as they come to provide various services (kitchen updates, appliance repairs, flooring).

There are exhausted afternoons and stressed dinners where I doubt this statements truth; but most days I have a moment I know I will miss.  Especially when I read Facebook posts about carpet lines and blog articles discussing uncelebrated Mommy moments it sinks in.  I will miss this eventually.  It’s hard, but it’s beautiful.  I want to remember every detail.  Even the messy ones.

This past month I took a video course that was such a wonderful experience personally and professionally.  While I have dappled with video in the past I never took on creating a full video.  Seeing life in motion with both images and sound is so powerful and it’s a direction I’d like to keep moving towards.  It pulls in so many more details of our lives then a still image.  I am excited to soon be offering family videography to clients.  Yet before I step into that I’d like to share my very first video:



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