The Girroir Family Welcomes Ethan: Documentary Family Video Session


Several weeks ago I put out a model call for a family expecting within the next month.  The purpose of this model call was to build my portfolio for in-home documentary video sessions.

I am finishing up my 5th year in business this year.  I have been blessed greatly by working with the families in State College.  I have developed both in skill and in interest in my photography walk.  For those that know me (or have been working with me for many years) it is likely not a surprise to see how my focus has changed over the years.  My own personality certainly shines through in relaxed unposed sessions that focus on the beauty of real life.  I have fallen in LOVE with unposed documentary photography, especially in the form of video.

Please visit this blog post to get a clearer understanding of what documentary photography is and why I feel families would be blessed with one of these sessions.

Below is my first client video.  This wonderful family was a dream client for me.  Emily and I chatted ahead of our session so I knew exactly what moments she most wanted captured of her family.  Things we discussed included playing with the dog around the kitchen island, big brother pulling out the pacifier from his brothers mouth, morning snuggles, and Daddy making pancakes on Saturday morning.  These were all typical moments for their family.  We decided I would arrive before her son woke for the day so that I could capture what she felt was most precious about this phase for her family.

I informed Emily that she did not need to clean up her house, dress up or change anything about their normal morning.  I would simply document them as they are.  Below is the video I delivered to her.  Her raw thoughts (below) after viewing her video are also worth reading if you are considering a video session for your family.  It was especially meaningful to me to see her comments about why she loved this video even more then posed newborn images.

I am excited to see where this new offering will take my business.  If you have interest in learning more about video sessions please contact me.


“THIS IS BEAUTIFUL – I love it I love it I love it! The experience was honestly a blast. Having you in our home, having you there early, getting to talk for a few minutes before everyone was awake- was all VERY LOVELY!! We appreciated you as a person, your conversation, everything about you, I could not believe that it didn’t feel awkward like a stranger videoing us, we were able to maneuver around like a normal morning, it was like you were family! And you stayed for a considerable amount of time, capturing a few activities.

As for the product, I do love it more then the still newborn photos. It captures us as a family, in motion, and the VALUABLE AUDIO! We look different and we sound different later in life, there’s nothing like capturing all of this right now in the moment for the boys to appreciate when they’re older and don’t remember what they looked like as babies. I felt like you could feel the love and warmth in our home, you captured it, and I guarantee I’ll watch it more then 100 times!! The ending?!? yeah… I’m positive this will get played at his graduation one day and I’ll be balling my eyes out!! You did amazing.

Also, I don’t know how you did it, but you blurred out or didn’t focus on specific things in shots that kept my house looking tidy and it makes me very happy and comfortable sharing the video with everyone else because of how you did it. Like the old Leggo box, my dirty close hamper, the open closet doors in the bedrooms, I stopped worrying about all of it and was curious how everything would look in the videos but you did amazing!

I would be honored to work with you in the future – You have been a huge blessing to us- thank you thank you!!!” – Emily Girroir

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