State College Family Film Maker: Documentary Newborn Photography

I have been working with this sweet family of 5 since their oldest was a newborn over 4 years ago.  I did traditional newborn sessions for them with their daughters and, certainly, we captured some lovely images.  I was beyond thrilled when I chatted with Danielle and she informed me that she was up for a documentary session as they welcomed their third child.  I took both video and photographs during this session.  While our session was 95% unposed we spent a few minutes at the end capturing a few portraits of each of the kids and the family as a whole 🙂

I arrived at their home around 8AM just over a week after Dylan was born.  I spent the morning capturing their everyday normal activities without interfering.  They cared for Dylan while baking and playing games together.  While this phase of life if certainly challenging as a parent it is also sweet.  I can only hope that these memories will be priceless to them well into the future.

Scroll to the bottom of this page to view the Kaniecki Family Film as they welcome baby Dylan.

Kind words from Danielle about her experience:


“I really enjoyed the laid back approach that this video session provided. Having done the posed sessions, I was definitely not stressed at all about how the girls or Dylan would cooperate during this session. We were able to just be ourselves and be comfortable!  I think this type of product is perfect for young families. It’s hard to have children pose or look certain ways. This way they were able to just do their thing! Plus, the kids change so much, so quickly, I know it will be hard to remember this time in our lives, and now we have that on video!


The product itself is fantastic. I love the small details of our home that you captured, as well as the little smiles, gestures and personality that you were able to capture of our whole family.


I am so thrilled that you offered this product to us and I would do it again in a heartbeat! It would be so fun to do this in 5 years and see the difference in life then vs now!


Thanks for being so comfortable in our home and providing us with a video we will cherish for years to come! “


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