State College Family Photographer – Kibler Documentary Session

My best friend from childhood grew up across the street from me.  The first picture we have together is from when we were in preschool.  Lisa is like family to me, and what a pleasure it is to be able to capture photographs of her children from when they are only in preschool.  Lisa and Drew allowed me to spend the morning with their family last Saturday capturing their normal.

Photography can show the love that a family holds.  Images elicit memories.  They are priceless well into the future.  As I continue to photograph the everyday lives of various families one of the greatest joys I get is the insight into how similar we all are.  Parenting is hard, messy, imperfect & exhausting at times.  This is true for all of us.  When I photograph a family I tell the story from the way I see it – love & joy is always very apparent in the simple moments <3 I am so lucky to have the job I have, and this wonderful friend.

toddler laying on mom in bed in the morning

toddler boy standing next to baby swing with blanket on his head

blue eyed toddler boy head shot in living room

toddler standing on changing table looking at his belly button

3 month old baby looking at camera smiling

little girl with headband riding a bike

little girl with headband picking flowers in dress

dad with baby in arms on trampoline with older children

siblings jumping on trampoline holding hand

girl in dress jumping and spinning on trampoline

little girl in head bank sitting picking flowers

3 month old baby sleeping in dads arms while he swings brother

3 month old baby sleeping in dads arms outside

family of 5 on four wheelers

father and toddler son on a dirt bike

family of 5 having a picnic with dirt bike in background

3 month old baby sleeping in the center of a picnic blanket

informal family picture of 5 with 3 month old baby

family of 5 portrait outdoors with pine trees in background

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