Family Film Maker: Carson’s First Birthday

Each time I put together a video – either for myself or for another family – I love it even more.  Erika has hired me in the past for newborn photos of both of her boys.  I was THRILLED when she contacted me to do a video and photo session for Carson’s 1st birthday.  Family videography is entirely different then a pure photo session.  It captures a family in a unique and memorable way.  Erika and I chatted over the phone about her birthday party plans and what she wanted captured most in the photos and video.  We were all set…


The day before Carson’s big day he ended up ill.  This meant kids couldn’t be exposed to him and possibly fall sick themselves.  There was also rain in the forecast.  We discussed the possibility of postponing, but Erika wanted to move forward with our plans – even if he was sick this little guy needed to celebrate his big day!  There was extended family in from out of town and she didn’t want to miss the opportunity.

My coverage of her family party captured their personality and connection.  The care Erika took to make sure her kids had a wonderful day was awesome to watch, even as her plans changed before her eyes.  I feel blessed to have been invited into their home and am thrilled to share this family film <3

Kind words from Erika

“Amber is amazing.  She shows up and immediate puts you at ease.  I had to cancel the party that I originally had in mind for the video (my second child’s first birthday) due to Hand-Foot-Mouth 🙁  She showed up anyway, and made a very unfortunate situation amazing.  I could cancel the party, but not the occasion!  My baby was turning 1!  The video captures every emotion of that day perfectly.  I cried, in a good way, watching it.  What an amazing way to capture a moment.  It truly is us… no filters, no gimmicks … real life, everyday.  Posed images are hard, my oldest always hated those, but with this format he was instantly comfortable and himself.  It captures real smiles and real situations.  This was more enjoyable than “pose like this … smile now” I highly recommend this to anyone considering a photo shoot.  Amber is truly gifted.  She knows what is important to you and captures it.




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