About Amber Roy Photography

I have a M.Ed. in Youth and Family Education and spent many years working in the human service field but today I spend my days as a stay-at-home mother of three.


Although I enjoy the fancy occasion to dress up, I live my life in comfortable clothes, usually including an elastic waistband. I love my curly hair yet it’s often pulled back in a bun in less than a minute each morning.


I focus on connection and relationships, not the details of hair and makeup.

After all, beauty shines its brightest through love.


My goal is to capture your life honestly.

20 years from now I want you to look at the photos and film I make for you and remember what this phase of life felt like.  That includes the messy, hard, and imperfect parts of it.

I strive to capture memories, not images.


Contact me directly at amberroyphotography@gmail.com


family documentary pictures of my own family

Photos by Colie James Photography